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Biofit Probiotic Real Reviews: before and after, benefits, side effects!

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What is Biofit?

BioFit is a natural weight loss supplement with powerful ingredients that will help and prevent weight gain, increase fat loss, and also activate the AMPk enzyme in your body.

AMPk enzyme helps increase metabolism and reduce abdominal fat in a natural and safe way. BioFit also has a very concentrated formula with probiotics that will help your gut flora and your digestion.

Your results with BioFit will depend on different aspects, since each body reacts differently. Within 30 days, you’ll start seeing your first results, but after three months your results will be more visible.

Biofit ingredients list

Biofit is a probiotic-based supplement, and each capsule contains seven strains of probiotics that should support gut health in various ways.

Biofit also contains vegetable cellulose, maltodextrin, and medium-chain triglycerides. The supplement uses a vegetable cellulose capsule to encase the formula, maltodextrin to hold the probiotics together, and MCTs to protect the active ingredients as they pass through your body.

biofit supplement facts

Do I need a prescription to take Biofit?

You do not need a prescription to take Biofit, as it is a 100% natural food supplement and can be consumed by anyone.

Biofit Side effects

Biofit has no known contraindications or side effects. Diabetics and hypertensives can also use it. But it is possible that an allergic reaction could occur if sensitive people have a negative reaction to a specific strain of bacteria or yeast.

How to use Biofit?

As a dietary supplement, adults should take one (1) vegetarian capsule one time daily with a meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional. It’s always a good idea to drink lots of water throughout the day when using Biofit.

Is Biofit approved by the FDA?

Even though Biofit is made in an FDA-approved facility, Biofit itself is not FDA approved. That is common for most dietary supplements, as their claims can be very difficult to ascertain without an expensive scientific study being conducted.

but this does not mean that the product does not work, as the reports from real customers speak for themselves.

Does Biofit Probiotics really work?

Yes, Biofit works very well in reducing body weight, but also reducing the risks of illnesses that accompany excessive weight loss through the elimination of toxins from your body and therefore increasing the quality of life. The Biofit supplement is composed of naturally available and mild microbes which aid in digestion and metabolism and therefore apart from solving the problem of weight loss it also helps in solving gastrointestinal problems by creating a medium with balanced microbes.

Biofit was tested by thousands of men and women in many different countries, showing visible results in more than 98% of customers. See before and after photos below.

Biofit before and after pictures

I contacted the company to collect some testimonials from Biofit clients, and the consultant gave me some results from real clients, and the results made me very excited.

Below I have separated some before and after photos sent by real Biofit customers:

biofit before and after
biofit before and after
biofit before and after
biofit before and after

In order to have the maximum efficiency of the Biofit formula, it is recommended to use it for 6 full months.

How many days does an Biofit bottle last?

Each Biofit bottle lasts 30 days of use.

How many bottles of Biofit should I order?

The recommended by the manufacturer is to get started with the 3 or 6 month packages to take better advantage of the benefits and potentiate the loss of fat in a super effective way in your body, remember that losing weight and losing fat are things that take time, so pay attention to this tip.

Biofit satisfaction guarantee

The company is so confident in the effectiveness of the Biofit that it launched the 180-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you use Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic for 180 days and don’t see visible results, the company refunds your money.

biofit guarantee

If requesting a refund, contact Clickbank customer service or use the contact form in the end of the official website: BIOFIT OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Is Biofit safe to buy? Will it arrive at my home?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy Biofit as it is sold through the Clickbank platform, a very secure and recognized online payment intermediary. However, you should always buy from the official website (indicated at the end of this review), as the company is not responsible for counterfeit products that are sold on the internet.

Biofit official website


The consultant warned me that there is a FAKE Biofit being sold over the internet, where backyard companies take advantage of the Biofit’s success to deceive people with a fake product.

The original Biofit is only sold on the website I indicated. I’m warning you not to fall for scams or receive a fake product.

So to avoid a headache, ask for the link I went through, as it is from the official website and I guarantee it is safe (in addition to being cheaper 💸). Trust SOL.


So that’s it guys, I hope I helped.

Oh, and don’t forget to comment below what problem you are having… I always read all the comments and try to help 😉

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